There is nothing permanent except change. | Heraclitus

”We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.”
often referred as “Be yourself the change you wish for this world.” | Mahatma Gandhi

Organizational Development

Integral organizational development always takes into account different perspectives, observes the relevant developmental lines and their stages and sees the interaction between individual and collective dimensions.

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Our understanding of "leadership" is in a state of upheaval, it is less and less about lonely decisions, and even team culture is too short. Visionary thinkers in the field of organizational development speak of a new consciousness culture. Leadership now means guiding groups and organizations to finding their collective intelligence.

How can our deep longing be fulfilled, not to postpone the future to an eternal morning? How can we live our future today? And how can we unfold our potential and together create a present that satisfies our need for a meaningful life?

The initial situation is clear: we live in a world that we have shaped ourselves. Increasing performance demands are creating more and more pressure and more complex workloads cause more and more stress. This is what affects the management as well as every employee. Survival per se has become the sole meaning for many organizations and companies - visions have no place here!

In today's business world, billions are fading into outdated, inefficient, and inadequate consulting and leadership methods that do not meet the very core of the challenges we face at all levels.

It is obvious that there is need for a profound change that many people long for.

If a new and integral vision can be established in the area of counseling and leadership, based on awareness, based on insight, empathy and spirituality, and serving humanity, there will be a potent and networked efficacy, which is urgently required for a quantum leap in development.

From here let us see into todays business environments. Our leading economics theory says that the price for goods and services could be found by a quite simple formula. Thus suppliers try to minimize cost of raw materials, supplies and purchased merchandise including human workforce. The effects of these undertakings we experience in Europe: the first manufacturer of sport-shoes relocated his fabrication from Asia to Europe because the machine work time is now cheaper here than the 2$/day sweatshop workers in Asia... Think that to an end: maximum efficiency, no humans are part of a production process an one can sell for an unbelievable price, for nothing... as there is no one who is able to buy. So one may see the paradox now?

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Our Cooperative Members have experience in the areas of business consultancy, coaching and organizational development since 1994.Some of our project leaders managed interational projects for DAX and DowJones corportaions as well as doing metoring for start-up's. We are active as executive, team, and personal coaches since 2002 ...

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