Bert Zimpel

Bert Zimpel

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 15:47

Spaces of consciousness | The Why Hostels

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We just opened a new interest based Hub at Otto Scharmer's "Presencing Institute".

People who are interested in building a network of places where people can discover and develop their higher potentials together without ideology or guruism are invited. Learning happens at a LOCATION. The ambience of these places is simple, aesthetic and functional; yet very different. Some are in a rural idyll and others near big cities. Some have digital detox (no WLAN and mobile phones only in exceptions), others offer high-speed WLAN and sense-oriented co-creative spaces around the clock. There, learning is supported by further offers and references to the respective core topics.

The places are meant to be cooperative working and living spaces, with enough accommodation / learning spaces for learners and self developers to experience the specific contents of the places and their surrounding culture.

The details should be defined in a co-creative process, online (Zoom) and occasional on site (place based).

If you are interested to participate please go to: Presencing Hubs

You have to register at the Presencing Institutes website first!


The HUB-Members can use the ressources of as well!

Friday, 20 March 2020 20:07


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Sie sägten die Äste ab, auf denen sie saßen und schrien zu ihre Erfahrungen, wie man schneller sägen konnte, und fuhren mit Krachen in die Tiefe, und die ihnen zu sahen schüttelten die Köpfe beim Sägen und Sägten weiter

[Berthold Brecht]

Monday, 16 March 2020 20:36

Lernen - text zur aufbereitung

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Tuesday, 04 February 2020 14:22

Bert Zimpel

Bert Zimpel is an integral coach and consultant for companies and private customers (Senior Management) since 1997, specializing in Lean and Agile organization development and holistic (integral) project management, the management of transitions, and the facilitation of complex change scenarios. He moderates and supervises continuous improvement processes (normative and non-normative) and focuses on the perspective of gaps and blockages in order to achieve sustainable results. He has a scientific background and is ExpertFellow of the Akademie für Potentialentfaltung g.e.G and Lead Auditor for ISO management systems.

Integral Coaching and organizational development, accepts that there is no "Absolute truth", but a lot relative and interwoven ones, which can be transformed to a new level of development. Different lines of development, the social environment, the emotional environment and falsifiable models are considered for the development and transformation. I have used in Europe and North America / Mexico, a large part of my time to lead organizations towards a social and comprehensive ethics to develop ethical and environmentally responsible leaders, enabling companies to serve society, and to contribute to the transformation of the economy and society as a whole.

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