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Spaces of Consciousness | The Why Hostels

Written by Maik Hosang

"The Why Hostels" is a growing network of special hotels, hostels and similar places where people can discover and develop their higher potentials together without ideology or guruism.  Learning happens at a LOCATION. The ambience of these hostels is simple, aesthetic and functional; yet very different. Some are in a rural idyll and others near big cities. Some have digital detox (no WLAN and mobile phones only in exceptions), others offer high-speed WLAN and sense-oriented co-creative spaces around the clock. There, learning is supported by further offers and references to the respective core topics are given.


Event: Meetup at "Lebensgut Pommritz" (Hochkirch, Germany) at June 27. and 28. 2020: Registration


The initiators of this network believe that many existing possibilities only offer or market their own particular "path"; and thus often do not allow for a real liberation, development and networking of the individual "transcendence potentials".

We live in a time of diverse - ecological, economic, social and spiritual transformation processes. The new epoch that is emerging is still searching for its essence; it is also outlined as the "Anthropocene", the age of man. But what is the essence of being human? The global process of understanding is only just beginning.

Many people therefore also experience this transitional period as a personal crisis of meaning. Some understand it as a chance for personal transformation, as a way to their soul or their "higher self". However, due to the lack of cultural forms for this, these inner development processes often occur as depressive moods or other mental disorders.

On the part of psychotherapy, Viktor Frankl (psychology of meaning), Abraham Maslow (self-realization and transcendence needs) and Aaron Antonovski (salutogenesis) have taken on this problem. In addition, there are transpersonal oriented psychologies and philosophies of various kinds.

If one puts all these approaches next to each other, the following perspective can be "distilled": There are states of human consciousness or levels of human development in which one feels not only much freer and easier, but also more energetic and loving as well as more capable of perception and action than in the "normal" everyday consciousness, often pervaded by more or less unconscious worries, fears and stress. In most cases one feels healthier and has less deficit needs (Maslow) and less "ego interests", needs less substitute consumption and less security fortifications such as excessive possessions or accumulations of power.

Religions often describe this as a feeling of connection with the divine, with Brahma, Allah, Yahweh etc. Modern spiritual concepts call it the "frequency of ecstasy" (Chris Griscom), the "consciousness of the energy love" (Teilhard de Chardin, Aurobindo Ghose, etc.) or the "natural frequency of the soul" (Penney Peirce). Maslow called it "summit experiences". Philosophers understood it as "true, good and beautiful" (Socrates, Plato and others), as "higher joy" (Epicurus), "progress in the consciousness of freedom" (G.W.F.Hegel), "intensification of consciousness" (Jean Gebser) etc. And courageous scientists describe it as resonance with the universal zero point or quantum field (Lynne McTaggart, Dieter Broers, Joe Dispenza and others). Some describe it as only occasional moments, others as longer-term states of being. They agree, however, that the potential for such intensified being and consciousness slumbers within us humans and that this can be awakened and strengthened under favourable circumstances and by appropriate methods.

In traditional religions as well as on the modern market of possibilities there are various offers for these higher human potentials or transcendence needs (from monasteries and churches, over yoga and meditation centers, up to new virtual life coaching networks). In our opinion, however, all of these have the shortcoming that they only offer or market their own particular "path"; and thus often do not allow for a real liberation, development and networking of the individual "transcendence potentials".

For this reason, we - psychologists and consciousness researchers, entrepreneurs, etc. - have joined forces to find freer and more coherent solutions and make them accessible to as many people as possible.

To this end, a network of special hotels, hostels and similar places is gradually emerging, where people can discover and develop their above-mentioned higher potentials together, free of ideology and guruism. In these places, people who feel the need to do so can live for shorter or longer periods in this sense, and in some cases also work together, under various conditions (corresponding to their respective income situations). In all these places access to a growing set of literature, films, settings and instructions etc. is available, which inform about the above mentioned theories, methods and techniques of consciousness and potential development as well as make them learnable and experienceable in practice. Since some of them require direct instruction and trainers, they are also organized virtually using modern technology according to monthly schedules. This means that somewhere in the world, on certain days of each month, somebody gives instructions for a special meditation, a dream journey, a trance dance, an intensive enligthment, a holotropic breathing; or leads a skype talk about "higher states of consciousness".


The initiators of this sense network are authors and entrepreneurs, physicians and psychotherapists, economists, consciousness researcher, neurobiologists, computer-, health- and natural scientists, philosophers as well as the courses of studies for health management, culture management and tourism management of the university Zittau/Görlitz among others.

Project contact

Maik Hosang via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

Bert Zimpel

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