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We are a worker cooperative, as this we are owned and self-managed by our employees. This means also each member has to inverst into at least one cooperative share* and receives one voting share. Our organizacion is according to sociocracy 3.0 | S3. Our member control ensures a formally flat management structure instead of a hierarchical one.

* currently € 3000,--/share (profit distribution by cooperative shares; in case of withdrawal, the cooperative returns the value the share in accordance with the statute.)

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We are looking for a cooperative member (co-owner) for the "Cooperativa CAPE+Canarias" with the qualification . 

Field Service Engineer (Mechatronics) female/male

or similar qualified human

for our Division "Nautics" with the operating areas of "Yacht Agency" and "Technical Service", working in the area Canary Islands,  mainly Tenerife. 

Cooperativa CAPE+Canarias is a newly foundet "Cooperativa de Trabajo asociado " serving very different areas. The key persons of our division "Nautics" where active in this business since 2005. We are specialist for excellently customized, versatile and user-friendly solutions in the yachting community. We are looking for developed personalities who may grasp the ideas of S3 and "share and care".

As the cooperative is worker owned the candidate has to purchase at least one share of the cooperative!


Area: Technical Service (primary role)

The Role applies his/her expertise from sales through the design stage to the completion of the installation process of nautical, communications and entertainment electronics. Together with the customer representatives the role analyzes boat specific requirements, prepares proposals and reviews plans and designs, produces electrical plans and work drawings, develops load analysis for power requirements, plans the integration of vendor supplied equipment into the yacht's electrical system, and works frequently with other Engineers, Manufacturing Representatives/Service, Purchasing and vendors.

Area: Yacht Agency (secundary role)

Together with your co-workers you provide shore support service and around the clock assistance, including berth reservations, yacht clearance and formalities, bunkering, itinerary planning, provisioning, onboard entertainment, event planning, and travel reservations.

Required Skills and Knowledge

Candidates must have a degree or vocational training in Mechatronics or equivalent and show personal responsibility and result-oriented work as well as a large measure of flexibility. Working with CAD and other engineering software programs may be required.